Equality of opportunity, diversity, and inclusion.
Recruitment, placement, career development, training, remuneration, and promotion decisions are made based on the employee’s qualifications, performance, skills, and experience. This system, which appreciates performance and corporate success, encourages cultural diversity and equality of opportunity.

At Ceres Display, everyone benefits equally from legally recognized rights and freedoms. In line with the Diversity and Inclusion Policy, discrimination based on age, gender, race, color, language, religion, philosophical and political opinion, ethnic origin, economic status, sexual orientation, health condition, disability, physical appearance, dress, and lifestyle is prohibited.

All employees are free to exercise their right to organize and join unions as granted by law.

We commit to preventing any situation that would hinder employees’ right to freedom of expression in the workplace, and provide the necessary means and environments for employees to express themselves freely.

Our goal is “0” occupational accidents, “0” occupational diseases.

The employment of workers in unsuitable positions against their will is not permitted.

In accordance with the principles set forth in the International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, Ceres Display does not employ child and young workers (ages 15-18).

Physical, verbal, sexual, or psychological harassment or abuse is not tolerated at Ceres Display.

Ceres Display conducts its operations in compliance with applicable laws regarding wages, working hours, overtime, and fringe benefits. Efforts are made to improve productivity during working hours, aiming to prevent overtime and support the balance between work and private life.


A conflict of interest is a situation where a person or institution has the potential to exploit their status for personal or corporate benefits inappropriately.

CERES DISPLAY employees should not have a financial interest in any organization with which CERES DISPLAY has a competitive, supplier, or customer relationship or is seeking to do business, including themselves, their spouses, and relatives up to the third degree.

The gifts given to parties in a business relationship should comply with the rules stated in this document. The following rules have been determined for giving gifts:

The basic rule is not to give any cash or easily monetizable gifts. However, gifts that can be given appropriately to our employees’ status and position during special or general celebrations (weddings, engagements, birthdays, etc.) are exempt from this scope.

The value of the gift given should not exceed the value of a quarter gold coin on that day.

Gifts should not aim to affect the impartiality, decisions, and behavior of the other party related to any business, agreement, bureaucratic procedure.

When intending to give a gift to any Public Official or employee, actions should comply with the current decisions on this matter located at the website of the Prime Ministry Ethics Board [].

CERES DISPLAY respects the right of its employees to participate in political activities individually but they should clearly state that they do not represent the company.

Avoid using Company resources (including Company time, telephones, paper, email, and other assets) in personal political activities or support.

Employees of the institution cannot work for a fee in a second job on business days, weekends, national holidays, general holidays, and during their annual paid leave. Works done for copyright in exchange for culture, art, or scientific activities are excluded from this scope.

Our employees cannot make personal investments in shares or other investment instruments of companies that could create a potential conflict of interest with their duties and responsibilities in the institution.

Information is one of the most important assets that CERES DISPLAY will use on its way to realizing its vision. Accordingly, the effective use of information, its correct sharing, and the protection of its confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility during this process are the common responsibility of all our companies and employees.


We comply with all environmental laws and regulations to protect our environment andensure its sustainability, By keeping the environmental impacts of our activities under control and reducing these impacts. To continuously improve our environmental performance and to implement all product and production activities with this awareness. to leave a livable, clean environment to future generations.

Ceres Display continues its environmental activities in the following areas.

The environment in which Ceres Display operates includes air, water, soil, natural resources, flora (vegetation), fauna (animal communities), humans, and their interrelationships.

Materials that have completed their useful life, are intended to be discarded by the producer/user, and need to be collected and disposed of regularly for the peace of the community and environmental protection.

Non-hazardous and non-harmful waste generated in homes, offices, parks, gardens, picnic areas, and as a result of human activities.

Utilizing the properties of waste, including reuse and recycling, and transforming the components into other products or energy through physical, chemical, or biochemical methods.

Special wastes that are hazardous by nature and can be recycled after undergoing certain special processes.

Wastes generated at Ceres Display are categorized into four categories based on their legal status and storage conditions and are processed accordingly.

Recyclable wastes that are not categorized as hazardous waste, are manufacturing residues, or are segregated as scrap, and are sold for profit.

Ceres Display classifies the environmental impacts of all its materials, wastes, and processes, conducts risk analyses, and takes measures to prevent environmental harm.
We request a risk and precaution table regarding environmental impacts from our suppliers we work with; if they have difficulty preparing it, we assist them. Within the framework of technical and economic possibilities, we use appropriate technologies that cause the least harm to the environment, reduce the use of raw materials, substitute harmful raw materials with less harmful ones to protect natural resources.
In facility and process design, environmental impacts are considered.

We improve our environmental management system towards continuous improvement of our environmental performance, encourage our suppliers to participate in ISO 14001 efforts, and support them in these endeavors.

We maintain constant communication with suppliers and customers to improve the environmental impacts of products.

We evaluate recycling and revaluation alternatives by reducing waste generated as a result of production, transportation, storage, operation, treatment, and maintenance activities.

Our goal is to form health, safety, and environmental integrity by reducing emergency risks within the framework of occupational health and safety rules.

Our respect for nature and the environment at Ceres Display also encompasses responsibilities such as creating new green areas, and protecting and caring for the living creatures around us (such as cats, dogs).


Ceres Display strives to establish long term collaborations with its suppliers, paying attention to the following
rules both in the selection of suppliers and after the commencement of the collaboration:

Before and after working with our suppliers, we share our approaches to environmental,
human and labor rights, and ethical values as defined above. We question their policies and practices related to these issues.

We express our sensitivity to not working with companies that have processes and
technologies harmful to the environment.

We do not work with companies that do not comply with our ethical rules.

We do not work with companies that have legal problems and do not comply with the law.

We do not work with companies that employ child labor or uninsured workers.

We do not engage in business with companies attempting to secure contracts from our
firm through methods such as bribery, favoritism, corruption, etc.

We do not collaborate with companies that do not engage in partnership with us to
enhance the mentioned systems.

We encourage our suppliers to certify their processes, providing them with methodical
support for certifications such as ISO 45001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 27001.

We encourage our suppliers to review their processes through an external auditor and
explain the benefits of this approach, utilizing platforms such as EcoVadis, Sedex, and similar systems.

We operate in line with contracts and confidentiality agreements with our suppliers,
expecting both parties to uphold their commitments.

We jointly undertake technology and process development activities, sharing the benefits
that arise from these endeavors.


Embark on a profound journey of harmony with nature. Join hands with us to sow the seeds of hope and renewal, as we collectively plant trees to forge a legacy of interconnectedness with the Earth.